Sattva Descreen plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

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Descreen plug-in is used for descreening images that have been scanned from printed sources (such as newspapers, magazines, books, postcards, etc). Descreening prevents moiré patterns.

Unlike most scanners which apply blurring to remove a screen, the plug-in Descreen uses the Fourier transform to automatically find parameters of a screen and precisely removes it. Due to that the plug-in preserves more image details. There is no need to scan images at different angles and to resort to other time-consuming tricks. You need just provide the plug-in with a hi-resolution scan, usually 600...1200 pixels/inch.  

Scanned image The image after the screen removing
The image after the screen removing and the moire reducing The image after the screen removing, the moire and noise reducing

Filtering with the Descreen plug-in.
1) The scanned image.
2) The same image filtered with screen removal. There is still a prominent halftone moiré pattern.
3) Filtered with screen removal and moiré reduction.
4) Filtered with screen removal, moiré reduction and noise reduction (Professional Edition only).

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